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Microsoft: to create a perfect worm for patch distribution

Posted by Suntrekker on February 25, 2008

Microsoft researchers are working on the “perfect worm”– a critter that can distribute patches without the need for centralized servers while minimizing bandwidth.

Microsoft researchers are hoping to use “information epidemics” to distribute software patches more efficiently.

Milan Vojnović and colleagues from Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK, want to make useful pieces of information such as software updates behave more like computer worms: spreading between computers instead of being downloaded from central servers.

The research may also help defend against malicious types of worm, the researchers say.

Software worms spread by self-replicating. After infecting one computer they probe others to find new hosts. Most existing worms randomly probe computers when looking for new hosts to infect, but that is inefficient, says Vojnović, because they waste time exploring groups or “subnets” of computers that contain few uninfected hosts. source

I wonder how would it be practically implemented. How to define ” trusted source” and if you only trust a very small number of systems, where is advantage of descentralized patching?

After all its Microsoft,  What have we got to worry about?


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