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What matters most for IT executives

Posted by Suntrekker on November 21, 2007

Below are exclusive Computer World survey of 127 IT executives dated Feb 2007.

For those who want a career in IT industry… be equipped.


What matters most: Which skill do you find most valuable in your current IT staff?

  1. Ability to work well with customers and end users.
  2. Ability to communicate well.
  3. Ability to manage a project well.
  4. Strategic thinking skills

Room for Improvement: Which skill do potential IT leader s most frequently lack?

  1. Strategic planning
  2. Communication
  3. Knowledge of business
  4. Overall business acumen
  5. Budgeting/Finance

Articulate Leaders: What are the top skills or qualities you look for in an up-and-coming IT leader?

  1. Communication skills
  2. Knowledge of business
  3. Technical Knowledge
  4. A record of innovation
  5. A career history in my industry.

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