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Backups.. Backups…and more backups

Posted by Suntrekker on February 1, 2008

Back in the days were  something I never  thought about before is Backup. Some people take them very seriously especially for those Network Administrator.

But now that I am holding that position, backup became the Law. Ensuring  all of my clients are getting good backups and good images. Period.  Backups saved me time and further chaos in the office.

Backups are good! And I agree.

What I did in the office is I used Ghost 2006 version to do backup on all workstations by making an image of system partitions after installing OS and other applications and finish tweaking the system for security and is ready to roll out. I even set local group policies and set common profiles of each computer.

Case Scenario:

OS always hang-up, corrupt profile, OS infected with virus and can’t be easily removed. Good thing in using backup is I do not need to reformat, install all from scratch – OS to application that would eat a lot of time. It is just a matter of minutes the the PC is back on its feet again. =)

I am now reaping the joys of backups . It makes me all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it! 🙂 lol


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Posted by Suntrekker on December 10, 2007


The Video Electronics Standards Association or VESA has announced a new digital display interface, dubbed DisplayPort.

This new interface will supplant DVI and VGA connections eventually and its micropacket architecture offers significantly more bandwidth with multi-monitor support over a single cable. Like HDMI, a DisplayPort connection can carry 8-channel 24-bit audio, but also offers a dedicated auxiliary link for control communications of things like panel I/O and microphone connections. There are hundreds of big brand name companies behind the standard that is set to compete with HDMI for desktop and notebook dominance, including the likes of AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, Samsung and Dell.


AMD’s RV635 XT With Dual DisplayPort And DVI-D

However, DisplayPort is more likely to co-exist with HDMI, since HDMI is specifically targeted for consumer electronics like set-top boxes, DVD players etc, while DisplayPort was designed from the ground up for computing.


Left To Right – DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI-D (from LCD display)

Though we’ve heard through the grapevine that NVIDIA is readying DisplayPort capable graphics cards for sometime early next year, AMD has stepped up with the first DisplayPort-enabled graphics card to hit our test labs.

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