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Transferring huge files across LAN

Posted by Suntrekker on April 6, 2008

It usually takes about 3 hours to copy a single file. So I was out trying to find a quicker way of moving the files. It is my weekly task copying huge files from one location to another network.

To ease my burden of waiting how the file transfer will end, I search at the internet and tried several utilities that claimed to make faster copy times but it seems the same and improvements were just nominal.

Then I stumbled onto an article at ASKPERF and it is all about issues on slow large copy.

The article author suggested using the ESEUTIL (Exchange Sever Database Utilities) to move the large files.

I tried it and improvements were drastic  that it would only take 1 1/2 hours from previous 3 hours to copy.

If you are thinking that it is difficult to use then you are wrong, =) It’s very easy, just follow the direction on the article and copied the following 2 files from the exchange directory over to the non-exchange server.

1) Eseutil.exe
2) Ese.dll

Since I didn’t want to mess with windows path by adding new paths , I justs put the two files under put them in the windows/system32 directory so they would be in my path.

Then to use the utility, from the command prompt, use the following syntax:
C:\esutil /y /d

It’s that simple.

Another plus to this utility is it also gives you a Copy Progress % complete and a progress bar, lets you know it’s working…

I am a big fan of batch files and since this utility works from the command line, I updated my existing batch file to call this utility to move the files once a week. =)

One Response to “Transferring huge files across LAN”

  1. techguru said

    Here is what you can do. Install 123Go v2.5 from on your LAN computers and then transfer huge files within minutes. It can transfer up to 16000GB single file.

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