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Free web filtering site

Posted by Suntrekker on March 4, 2008

When I think of web filtering, its all about expenses, budget, tasking configurations.

Since I found this one, that perception  changes because it is free! – OpenDNS

Web filtering–the process of blocking user access to high risk sites as well as sites that are inappropriate for the office. There are several solutions available for large and medium businesses. WebSense is probably the most well known. However, the cost of these services is often prohibitive for small businesses. What small businesses–and many home users–need is an easy to use and inexpensive solution. OpenDNS easily meets these requirements. 

All you do is sign up, configure your systems to point to the OpenDNS servers, and you’re ready to configure access constraints to protect your employees and your and your network. Unless you choose to automate dynamic IP  updates, there is no software to load on the client PCs.

The OpenDNS site provides setup instructions for just about any SOHO router. Once the router is configured, OpenDNS instructs you to reboot your systems. This is to renew the DHCP settings supplied by the router, setting the PC’s DNS IP addresses to the OpenDNS servers. A simple ipconfig /renew will also do the trick. Once your system is using the new IP addresses, you’re up and running on OpenDNS. There are claims that this is a faster way to resolve domain names, but that topic is outside the scope of this post.

 I suggest you try it out for yourself. 


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