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Hiding files inside .jpg format

Posted by Suntrekker on January 27, 2008

This is what I tested, I don’t know if it’ll work with you.  You just need to have a little knowledge about Command Prompt and have WinRAR installed.  Grin

Ok, lets begin…  Wink

1. Gather all the files that you wish to hide in a folder anywhere in your PC (make it in C:\hidden – RECOMMENDED).
2. Now, add those files in a RAR archive (e.g. secret.rar). This file should also be in the same directory (C:\hidden).
3. Now, look for a simple JPEG picture file (e.g. logo.jpg). Copy/Paste that file also in C:\hidden.
4. Now, open Command Prompt (Go to Run and type ‘cmd‘). Make your working directory C:\hidden.
5. Now type: “COPY /b logo.jpg + secret.rar output.jpg” (without quotes) – Now, logo.jpg is the picture you want to show, secret.rar is the file to be hidden, and output.jpg is the file which contains both. Cheesy
6. Now, after you have done this, you will see a file output.jpg in C:\hidden.

Open it (double-click) and it will show the picture you wanted to show. Now try opening the same file with WinRAR, it will show the hidden archive .

Update me if it work with you. {evil grin}  I don’t know if you already knew this but its great.


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Smackdown on older Microsoft Word documents

Posted by Suntrekker on January 5, 2008

I can say that releasing a service pack that kills a user’s ability to access old, archived word documents can constiture the distribution of malware. hmmm

Microsoft  recently  released service pack for (NSDQ: MSFT)’s Office 2003 software suite renders inaccessible files saved in some older formats, including some previous versions of Microsoft Word, according to a support bulletin issued by the software maker.

The bulletin states that Microsoft Office 2003, Service Pack 3, blocks a number of file formats — including Microsoft Word 97 for Windows and Microsoft Word 98 for Macintosh.

Also blocked are file formats found in some older versions of Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, Lotus Notes, and Corel’s Quattro spreadsheet and Draw programs.

While some of the updates that Microsoft issues may seem minor, unanticipated system changes can wreak havoc with complex business computing environments. A modification to one program can cascade through numerous other software components.

Microsoft, however, does provide a detailed workaround for those who want to defeat Service Pack 3 for Word 2003’s auto-blocking. But the workaround calls for users to modify their computers’ registry settings — a risky procedure that can render a PC unusable if not done correctly.

Source: Office 2003 Update Quietly Zaps Older File Formats, Paul McDougall, InformationWeek, 2 January 2007

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