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Coming soon: Windows Server 2008

Posted by Suntrekker on December 4, 2007

Hmmm… I know this is confilict of my interest since I would prefer more to use linux but since I have this info and I would like to share this to all of you.

Microsoft is releasing on Feb. 27 next year Windows Server 2008 .

Remarkable features of the new system based on customer feedback: the Read-Only Domain Controller (RODC) and Restartable Active Directory for Directory Services.

The RODC is a new type of domain controller that hosts a read-only replica of the Active Directory database. “If you combine RODCs with the BitLocker Drive Encryption feature first introduced in Windows Vista, you no longer have to worry about thieves (or silly employees) walking off with one of your domain controllers and all your goodies,” says the book authored by Mitch Tulloch with the Microsoft Windows Server team.

The Restartable Active Directory Domain Services let the administrator stop AD services on domain controllers so that updates can be applied or offline de-fragmentation of the database can be performed, and this can be done without rebooting the machine.

More than 30 customers were involved in the production of Windows Server 2008 and hundreds of scenarios were considered in coming up with its features.

“Customer input was crucial to the design and features of Windows Server 2008. We meet with customers regularly and get their feedback,” Microsoft spokesperson says.
Aside from the NAP, Server Core Installation Option and Read-Only Domain Controller, new technologies are introduced with the Windows Server 2008 – Microsoft Windows Powershell, Internet Information Services 7.0, Server Manager, and Windows Server Virtualization. Enhanced technologies include Terminal Services, Windows Firewall, Failover Clustering, Dynamic Partitioning, and Auto-Tuning Networking.

What ever OS infrastructure it is, it SHOULD be “extensible, stable, flexible and also predictable.”

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  1. Sally said

    We use Server Intellect for Windows hosting and the setup procedure and control panel, are the best we’ve ever used. IT is great, and all of the applications ran right away.

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