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Posted by Suntrekker on November 21, 2007

June 2007 issue

Alignment is not good enough anymore. IT leader are becoming full-pledged business strategists. Compelled to achieve closer alignment with company needs and business demands, IT has once again entered a time of transformation. Where once IT solely help support the business, now it must help define the business.

Reinvention is happening in force at some of the most of the most influential IT departments in the country.


Reinforcing IT.
“It is very much part of the growth agenda; I don’t think companies can grow as they are doing so these days without the help of IT really enabling this and removing all the barriers.” Sadiq Rowther: Regional IT director for ASEAN Market at Johnson & Johnson.


Re-structuring IT
“What I did was to build a culture of team work, and leading by example. This is by making our IT department an honest and with high degree of integrity. Because when you deal with your users, they need to believe in you so that the relationship between users and IT is stronger.” Ester Asinas: Director of the Information systems Division at Universal Robina Corporation.


Re-modeling Education
“It is essential for schools to generate new knowledge as far as IT is concerned. We should be able to conduct research and development, so that we’re able to come up with ideas that no other country has ever had before in the field of computer science.” Reynaldo Vea: President of both MIT in Manila and MITC (mapua Institute of Technology Center)


Re-imaging the IT Department
“If you want to drive a significant amount of behavioral change in an organization, it takes some big swings. ”

” Just by supporting the business? Not anymore. IT leaders are helping to reinvent it.”John Hinkle: CIO at Trans World Entertainment


Re- thinking IT budgets.
“IT Finance is moving from a take-what-you-can-get to a proactive debate about spending priorities.

We need to become more sophisticated with our budgeting models, yet keep the process as simple as possible.”David Oles: IT director of research and development at rent-a-car center

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